Finding Love Online Series

A Witchy Tale of Finding Love Online

Drunk swiping never hurt anyone… right?

Hey! My name is Alexandra Martel Coverfield, Lexi to my friends, and disagreeing with my family and coven’s view on witches has made me a bit of a black sheep my whole life. That’s why I followed my best friends and moved to the big city, wanting to surround myself with more than just the stiff and outdated views I’d grown up with, including how witches were meant to be baby makers.
I might just be your average corporate slave but it was a position I worked hard for darnit and I was proud of that! But I wanted more out life. I wanted a connection. I wanted love.

When a boozy night in leads me to sign up for a dating app and I swipe right on a hot vampire, I’ll get more than just the love I was looking for, especially when I start getting threats on my life to stop seeing my hot new guy! But mama didn’t raise no quitter, and it’ll take a lot more than a few threats for me to back down from the chance at love. That is if I can live long enough to find the culprit. 

Will I live long enough to see where things go with Ashley and I or will our next date be my last?

Release Countdown:


A Banshee’s Virtual to Real Life Love

Everyone knows you don’t go looking for love on a dating app – my best friend not withstanding. That’s not why I joined though. No, I was fully aware what I was signing up for, unsolicited dick pics and everything.

When said app leads me to an insanely hot, chemistry fueled one-night stand with the hottest guy I’ve possibly ever seen, I figured I got my money’s worth and called it quits, assuming that was the last I’d see of the hot stranger. That fantasy was completely shattered when I switch departments, moving in as a field agent, and am assigned to a new team. A team that’s lead by none other than my one-night stand. And the guy’s bossy attitude? Not so hot when it’s outside of the bedroom. Especially when he’s hell bent on stepping on my toes, refusing to listen to my advice, leading us to almost getting killed. Twice.

Things are getting dangerous on our assignment, putting more than just our lives at risk. Will Mr. Tall Dark and Bossy let go of our past long enough for us to work together and solve this case or will it be our end?

A Wolfy Story of Grumpy-Sunshine Love


What’s the protocol on hooking up with your work nemesis’s best friend? Pretending it never happened, right?

Well, apparently Lauren didn’t get that memo. He’s been showing up everywhere I am, being the happy go lucky social butterfly he is, trying to make me join him for lunch, meet up for drinks, and even join his pack on their full moon run. It’s driving me nuts! Especially when the chemistry we’d had in our hookup, something I thought was a one-time thing, continues to spark in our everyday life.

But I’ve got a history that I’ve been running from for too long to jeopardize it all for a mere werewolf. Even if he’s incredibly hot, fun, thoughtful, and looks at me like I’m Thanksgiving Dinner.


Normally my hookups stay just as that- a hookup. But there’s something about Matt that I can’t resist. He acts all grumpy and hateful, determined to keep everyone at an arm’s length. But I can see between his cracks, and what I see is a lonely guy who’s been hurt before by those closest to him.

When things start to get dicey from him, his past coming back to haunt him, he turns to me for help. And I just know this is my chance to break past his icy exterior to get to the man beneath.

That’s if we can stay alive long enough to make those strides.